Community Outreach

Imperial Water is very proud to be a sponsor of several initiatives that assisted in rendering aid to desperately needed areas across America. Below you will find more information about the work they were able to do through a portion of the profits they received from their sales.

Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan

In April of 2016 Imperial Water with the help of several donors including Let's Buy Black 365 organized and successfully delivered an entire truckload of Imperial Water to churches and other community organizers to distribute to those affected by the catastrophe. The residents were so kind and appreciative and the outgoing feeling only left them wanting to do more for them in the future. 

Lumberton, NC

In October - 2016 Imperial Water was anxious to assist its neighbors in Lumberton NC with a truckload of pure mineral spring water that they desperately needed. The citizens of Lumberton was devasted with unforeseen flooding That killed hundreds of people in Haiti and elsewhere in the Caribbean, and more than two-dozen people in the U.S. have died as a result of the storm, The Associated Press reports. Imperial Water was honored to offer its product to those in need.

Charlotte, NC

Prior to the outbreak of Covid - 19, Imperial Water was very active within their personal community. From 2016 - 2019 Imperial Water sponsored one of the most needed communities bridging events in North Charlotte. Some of the areas concerned leaders of all walks of life came out to enjoy the free, outdoor community event that was known as " Radical Saturdays". This fun-filled event served as a platform to offer parents and kids a safe, fun, and uplifting outing as well as meeting local vendors that offered above-average services and products. It is Imperial Water's hopes and prayers that peaceful events like Radical Saturdays will take place again in the near future.

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