Many have lived without Riches,

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Imperial Water

Imperial Water is pure mineral spring water with a perfect pH balance of 7.2 - 7.4. Imperial Water contains over 8 naturally occurring minerals including Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, and Silica. Imperial Water is FDA approved and is produced locally in North Carolina. Imperial Water has a naturally occurring alkalinity of .90  and will leave you feeling not only refreshed but revitalized. Our sturdy 16 oz BPA-free bottles will leave you speechless and we also carry our highly sought-after, 5-gallon BPA-free jugs.

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Many have asked us in the food and beverage community about the possibility of including other products from time to time, that would complement Imperial Water. After careful thought, we decided to showcase other deliverable products that will make your eating and water drinking experience absolutely amazing! 

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Customer Reviews


Lamar Smart

1 review


Imperial Water is a product that I started using over a year ago. I met the CEO of the company out in Atlanta and he started telling about the benefits of Imperial water and the health benefits and gave me a few bottles to try out. I have been hooked ever since, I noticed much more energy, better sleep patterns, and more intense work out at the gym. It is definitely a product I recommend to everyone especially if you are attempting to live a more healthier lifestyle.

L. Smart - T- Mobile Top Regional Salesman

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