Health Benefits

 Imperial Water is classified as an Oligo-Mineral. Oligo-Mineral water has the ability to cure kidney stones and is most notable for curing Michelango. Similar to the water from Fiuggi which for centuries has been recognized for curing the kidney stones of Popes and Michelangelo, Imperial Water contains the perfect blend of minerals to help with multiple conditions, including kidney stones. 

To learn more about Oligo-Mineral water and how it can help kidney stones read what Professor Loris Borghi wrote on the Relationship between supersaturation and calcium oxalate crystallization in normals and idiopathic calcium oxalate stone formers.


This 2008 French study titled Aluminum and Silica in Drinking Water and the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease or Cognitive Decline: Findings From 15-Year Follow-up of the PAQUID Cohort confirms that Silica can help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia. Silica helps by neutralizing aluminum which is detrimental to our brain health.

Midas water is rich in naturally occurring silica (salicylic acid). Imperial Water contains 46 - 59.6 mg of silica per Litre, which is substantially higher than most waters.